Apple the largest corporation in the world

The company is today again the largest worldwide corporation in market value terms overtaking Exxon Mobil. Current value is about $425 bn.

Q1 2012  Earnings Release Roundup

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We’re not going to apologise for our estimates, apart from the iPhone volumes, which like many others we severely underestimated! Taking into account their Q2 guidance we are currently vacillating between 25mn & 30mn iPhone sales. It’s just as well that Tim Cook’s “also a manufacturing guru and a master of managing the supply chain” Amber Tate 

Possibly a classic comment from Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer, concerning their cash mountain of $97.6bn was we believe “ ……. we continue to be very disciplined with the cash and are not letting it burn a hole in our pockets”. There were then many questions (and answers) in the Q & A session concerning its use. Our guess is that they will try to directly improve their p/e ratio & hence stock value. This might be achieved by dividends (the last one it made was in 1995) but hopefully not by any share buy back programmes or huge  acquisitions.

China was also a  major topic in the Q & A session.

We have no position in Apple Inc.


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