Is the iPad destructive?

IDG Connect  have just published their iPad for Business Survey 2012 pdf  whose respondents are entirely IT & business professionals/decision makers. It’s a global survey

Whilst the overall conclusions IDG highlights are that this group use their iPads for work as well as leisure, which is not a complete surprise, their equipment usage, content consumption, and device loyalty we found  interesting.

Basically worldwide all PC shipments are flat-lining with Gartner estimating that 2011 totals will be 353m (351m in 2010). After the first iPad shipments in Q2 of 2010 likely 70m+ have been shipped to date and 60m ish are forecast for this year.

This focused survey finds that in this group 16% said their iPad had completely replaced their laptop and more interestingly 54% said it had partially replaced it. The comparative PC figures were 6% and 33%.

The iPad is driving radical changes in content consumption

…. tablet computing poses even bigger challenges for media owners. We asked respondents how iPad ownership had affected their propensity to buy newspapers, books and DVDs. Nearly threequarters  say that owning an iPad has reduced the frequency with which they purchase newspapers and books. These markets for physical media are already in decline.”

On the loyalty front only 17% worldwide say they would consider buying a different tablet device next time. Numerically they are spoilt for choice but the almost complete domination of Apple in this market plus the fact that all respondents own one (at least) obviously sways the outcome. Even so an 83% loyalty rating is, to us, quite exceptional.

So destructive technology or not?

Certainly the physical media must take note and react to survive in the longer term.

As with the surveys findings on equipment replacement, the answer is likely partially. And we think that “partially destructive” is a little ambiguous at best!

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