Many CANN apply for a new gTLD but we CANN’t

ICANNs (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)  applications for the new gTLD’s opened on 12 January & continues through 12 April. Further extensive details & their application process are provided on its bespoke site   which includes an interactive demo of the “system” they are using for applications TAS (TLD Application System).

We noted with interest that the demo applicant Mr John Tester on occasion comes from a home location  eg in our case Bristol and had an identifiable postcode!

The, sort of consensus, is that perhaps by the close date initially between 1,500 – 2,000 applications may be made, which compared to the noise level sounds a fairly low number.

Jeff Ernst of Forrester Research said recently he’s  “…..not a big fan of submitting a defensive registration” and we tend to agree. If, say, Microsoft or amazon were considering positively registering their company name but on review decided its future strategic plans did not support a brand gTLD (or as Jeff  rather neatly says its “…..much bigger than just moving your brand from the left to the right of the dot”) could they justify a purely defensive registration? We think not in that:

  1. How likely is it that an individual would be prepared to organise themselves to the extent of likely investing $500,000+ to apply and run such a gTLD?
  2. ICANN would never accept any such application under the gTLD  rules.
  3. Even if ICANN did accept the application certainly a UK (England & Wales or Scotland) court would we are sure set it aside and likely a US state one as well.

Following our previous post  on the UK countries status we assume DotScot is proceeding apace ahead of 2014 (or whatever date is decided on for their referendum) but we still haven’t heard of any DotNIe applications!

We did though rather like this weeks DotKiwi philanthropic approach  with  “……plans to donate 20 per cent of its profits to assist with Christchurch’s earthquake recovery”.

As far as we’re concerned, as ICANN has a 3 character minimum for the new gTLDs, we, like eg BA, HP, 3M, TI, and many others, have no decision to make!

For those, who do have, or for those with more general interests in the process this is ICANN’s  video for applicants.

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