Apple TV – What’s in a name?

Well quite a lot actually – particularly if you are aiming for world domination with a new product launch.

iPod was apparently “borrowed” from Arthur C Clarke’s Space Odyssey movie which included the phrase “Open the pod bay door, Hal!” Pod referring to the white EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) Pods of its Discovery One spaceship.

As an aside apparently Siri (which may be the S in the iPhone 4S) had a code name of HAL during its development which as we all know stands for (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) per Mr Clarke although we have always liked the “move the letters one forward alphabetically & it becomes IBM” story. Some coincidence!

Allegedly the iPad 3 may be preceded by …… wait for it, yes the iPad 2S with Siri!

iPhone & iPad are fairly obvious progressions but what about the Apple TV? Allegedly its code name may be J33  and as J follows I …..

We can’t see that the iPod – iPad scenario can go any further. iPed iPid iPud or even iPyd! are FAILS.

The obvious iTV is fraught & any name reflecting a tribute to Steve Jobs seems unlikely.

Our today thoughts in reverse order are:

  • iYe
  • iSet
  • iPics
  • iMage
  • iPlay
  • iVision
  • i

The Wall Street Journal reckon iPanel  which is OK but in our view doesn’t set the world on fire ……Which neatly brings us to our favourite competitive offering the amazon kindle fire We hear that the next version rather than kindle fire 2 may be renamed the kindle planet. Well if you are aiming for world-wide domination why not!


On the graphic which we  “borrowed” from the WSJ we have amended the units to millions (from thousands) which we think is nearer the mark!

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