iThink therefore iPad – What are tablets actually used for?

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Following the Christmas splurge on iPads in the UK (and no doubt worldwide as well)  we noticed today a WSJ article  about the availability of “Office” apps for the iPad and some comments  about their apparent non availability on androids which got us wondering about tablet usage.

Anecdotally we reckon tablets are principally used in social (as opposed to work) mode at home for online access.

Accenture confirmed our initial thought in their 2012 Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report Pdf  with as per their above graphic only about 5% using them mainly professionally. (It also contains interesting research (but unfortunately with no UK inputs) identifying Consumers reaching a state of “hypermobility” striving to be “always on always connected” and having a ubiquitous “app-etite”!)

A much smaller survey Pdf (Usability News)  from the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University solely of iPad users confirms both our “at home” and “online” opinions.

So there we have it then!

It will be über interesting to see how this usage develops with tablets reaching maturity in a few years time.


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