An iPad3 spotted at CES? & other early 2012 tablet news

Apparently “everyone” is announcing a new tablet  at *CES this week which, with 3,000 plus exhibitors, Justin Bieber in attendance and Las Vegas as the venue, gets the year off to a spectacular start.

Possibly though Apple (who are not exhibiting) has trumped this by indicating that it will be making a media announcement later this month (timing wise possibly after its quarterly earnings information is released on 24 January).

The rumour mill is rife including a possible spotting of an iPad3  with “ …. under-the-hood changes this time around. Such changes likely include a retina display, faster processor, better camera, and Siri.”

In other news Goldman Sachs in a research note from  Heather Bellini  reckon amazon may ship 19.2m Kindle Fires this year (which is well below our estimate of over 25m)  but partially at the expense of its e-readers. Until we have kindle fire’s in the UK it’s difficult to comment but compared to the iPad both kindles can be easily held in one hand rather than two, which makes them more reader friendly, with basic kindles having a distinct weight advantage. YouGov from their research (pdf) reckon it was a “kindle Christmas” here in the UK with over 92% of all e-readers gifted being kindles. Also they estimate that nearly half a million iPad presents were made.

Personally we received an IOU for a kindle fire! Another outside bet for its UK release might be in the run up to the London Olympics starting at the end (27th) of July.

*CES “With more than four decades of success, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive”.

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