A Leap into the unknown

Having left the prime 2011 behind we’re now in leap 2012.

Predictably we will now publish some random views which will no doubt haunt us for, at least, the remaining 363 days of the year.

So here goes – in no particular order:

  1. Apple will release a TV in the second half of the year and it may not be called the iTV.
  2. iTunes Match will become a huge success for Apple.
  3. iPad 3 will run alongside ipad 2.
  4. iPhone5 will not appear!
  5. Over 150m tablets  will be shipped worldwide and  amazon with its kindle fire will provide serious competition for Apple who may struggle to keep their market share at over 50% by the year end.
  6. the kindle fire will be released in the UK in the first half of the year but possibly not in Q1 although the second Tuesday or the last Wednesday in February are possible outside bets!
  7. .uk  domains registrations at around 2m will show the first year on year decrease for almost a decade.
  8. UK on line sales will increase by more than 15% reaching over £30bn.
  9. US Black Friday sales may just hit $1,000mn and  cyber Monday sales $1,500mn increasing by around 15% – 20% over 2011.
  10.  Facebook will have a (reasonably successful) IPO. twitter will not have one.
  11.  Mobile commerce will come of age with Apps company funding increasing but Social Media company funding & IPO’s (excluding 9 above) decreasing.
  12.   The gTLD’s expansion will cause less of a stir ,than many fear, with geographic applications being most noteworthy. Apple Google amazon and Facebook will not replace their existing .com domains.
  13. Twitter will add a kindle fire to its “Now go mobile” page!

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