All the best to y’all

Thanks to all our visitors past current and future.

We shall leave our CyberCalendar up as an option during the break – if you’re having one – and a link to the other advent offerings.

It contains twentyfour videos about the Internet and technology developments since the1980′s. There are some classics along the way including a Super Bowl advert from GoDaddy and a couple showing the early days at Google and Apple. It ends with our favorite from 2011.

Videos by day are as follows:

  1. A history of technology in the 1980’s
  2. Nintendo Cereal System commercial (1989)
  3. Internet users guide (1990)
  4. Compuserve Internet Commercial (1991)
  5. Minitel 1992 publicité 3615 MGS (in French)
  6. CBC Archives: The Internet 1993
  7. DEC – Glimpse of the Future, 1994
  8. Early AOL Commercial (1995)
  9. Digital Internet Commercial from 1996
  10. Mastering the Internet in 1997 Funny Video – Digg Reel
  11. MacWorld 1998 Keynote – Steve Jobs likes Internet Explorer
  12. GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video
  13. Cute advertisement from Apple
  14. The Internet in the year 2001
  15. The Netmachine 2002 promo
  16. A collection of internet FAIL videos from 2003)
  17. USA Internet-Election 2004 Bush vs. Kerry
  18. GoDaddy SuperBowl TV Commercial
  19. The Internet Overdose Song
  20. OMG! All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash!!!
  21. US election day galvanizes the Internet
  22. Miss USA 2009 And Perez Hilton Feud – Gossip
  23. internet statistics 2010

Once you’ve finished the calendar you could always try the Google doodle if you haven’t done so already (and as long as its still there) or join the crowd following Santa courtesy of NORAD & Google maps.

Have a great Christmas and here’s to an exciting 2012.

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