The Top Tens of Social Networking

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Another Survey this time from one of our favourite sources.

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  1. Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide
  2. Social networking behavior both transcends and reflects regional differences around the world
  3. The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated
  4. Microblogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking
  5. Local social networks are making inroads globally
  6. It’s not just young people using social networking anymore – it’s everyone
  7. ‘Digital natives’ suggest communications are going social
  8. Social networking leads in online display advertising in the U.S., but lags in share of dollars
  9. The next disrupters have yet to be decided
  10. Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction

We’re not aiming to reduce the survey down to 140 characters but in a nutshell (as its that time of year!)

  •  1 in 5 minutes we spend on line is on social networks
  •  A lot of us onliners (98% in the UK US and Spain) use social networks (although Japan at 58% is a surprise)
  • Facebook (who have lots of ads) & Twitter (who don’t) are the top 2 networks.and they all have global reach.
  • All ages use, Digital Natives  use most!
  • Can’t predict the next disruptive network/phenomenon
  • Mobile devices fuel our addiction

Continuing the Top ten theme we have added the 1-10 rankings to ComShare’s chart of Tweet topic winners! We wonder if there are any more to come. There’s still 8 and a bit days to go!

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