Social Network Usage varies directly with GDP

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The Pew Research Center under their Global Attitudes Project have just published the results of their 2011 Global Digital Communication Survey Pdf

The survey covers an unusually wide selection of 21 countries and was undertaken earlier this year. Exceptionally full survey & methodology information is provided in the publication. We did though detect the somewhat surprisingly frequent inclusion of My Space in the Social Networking questions (being used as a specifically named site in the relevant questions in 9 of the countries and in the USA apparently to the exclusion of Twitter). Possibly there are historic or demographic reasons for this.

Their country groupings are:

  • Western Europe: Britain, France, Germany and  Spain
  • Eastern Europe:  Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine
  • Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon
  • Asia: China, India, Indonesia Japan and Pakistan
  • Latin America: Mexico
  • Africa: Kenya
  • USA
  • Turkey

Few surprises on cell phone usage for the internet where we are in overall 4th position (1st =  Israel & Japan 3rd USA) and lead the European pack. It is surprising to us though that apparently 13% of us Brits and 18% of our German friends said we DIDN’T make regular calls from our cell phones!

On social network usage overall we’re in 3rd= position behind Israel and USA. In an age analysis we are 3rd in the 30-49 year olds and 5th in the 18-29 and 50+’s.

Now to the most interesting part of the survey, in our opinion, the linkage of Social Network usage with GDP per capita as above. Obvious perhaps but a neat representation.

The survey concludes with a “Young & educated are more connected” section

Overall we think a wide and very transparent survey.

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