Tablet shipments may exceed 150m in 2012

iPhone & iPad worldwide shipments are  surprisingly running well ahead of forecasts according to Morgan Stanley. In a note issued to its clients last week they, indicated that iPhone demand is accelerating and that, perhaps even more  surprising, demand for tablets is showing no sign of weakening, in fact the opposite.

Following a survey by Alphawise (Morgan Stanley’s bespoke research team) they are estimating that for iPhones quarter 4’s shipments will be ahead of both their and the markets previous estimates by between 3% and almost 30%. Also the first quarter of 2012 could be approaching 50% ahead of previous estimates and for the whole year over 40%.

As far as tablets are concerned whilst the Kindle Fire may take around 4% of the market following its release in the US in mid November iPad shipments for 2012 are forecast to be 81m with 27% of consumers indicating an intent to buy one against the current 8% who own one.

This shipment level is more than 50% higher than Morgan Stanley’s previous forecast and Wall Streets “view”.

As far as the total tablet market is concerned compared with iSuppli’s earlier forecast this month of 130m-140m shipments our guess is that it could well exceed 150m units particularly, as rumoured, if Apple reduce the iPad 2 pricing on the introduction of iPad 3.

For purely selfish reasons we continue to be disappointed that amazon have still not announced a release date for the Kindle Fire in the UK!.

(As its nearly Christmas we’ve added the brilliant Leap Frog LapPad to our graphic there’s also a promotional  video for it  in our iCommerce Zone).

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