We spend a working week a month online (Some more damned lies about Internet usage)

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Following yesterday’s post we came across some rather interesting research from ComScore Inc  relating to their “Overview of Internet usage in Europe” for August to October this year.

Their data includes over 15 year olds at both home and work for 18 “European” countries. For our analysis we have excluded the Russian Federation.

On the initial analysis of average unique visitors (pie chart) basically the figures roughly equate to the country’s ranking in population terms with a couple of exceptions. These are  Turkey who rank 2nd in population terms, at 70m ish, but are 5th in unique visitor terms with Portugal being the other main difference with population/visitor positions of 9/13.

What we do find interesting though is the comparison of average hours per visitor spent online.

The UK heads the list with each person spending over 35 hours a month online. This is virtually a full working week and in October it actually was 37.5 hours

In total hours spent online (unique visitors times average hours per person)  we again head the European pack. Our calculations show that with less than 10% of Europe’s total population we spend over 15% of the total European hours online.

So aggregating these two posts the UK as one of the worlds top 20 online users has the highest proportion of users at 82% and in Europe it is online for the greatest period of time at over 35 hours a week.

Some might say we are approaching saturation point in certain areas eg Social Media as highlighted  by George Colony CEO of Forrester Research at LeWeb last week.  We think there’s a way to go yet, as there are plenty of displacement hours left from other activities. This is aided by the increasing usage of mobile access (both phones & tablets), which will likely grow rapidly for at least the next few years.

Of course there could be another disruptive breakthrough which completely changes our view!


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