Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Internet usage (including the Eurozone)

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An article today indicating that our Kiwi cousins have an internet utilisation figure of 86% got us on our travels round t’internet to come up with a couple of graphs

The first one tries to calibrate the overall world usage which according to Internet World Stats comes out to be just over 30% of the world population in 2011 which we all know totals  7bn so hence the 2.1bn. We have shown the Top 20.

Topping the chart with a population of over 1.3bn China accounts for a staggering 23% of the users and the US follows with 12%. As it’s topic of the day, week, month year or whatever we thought we should include a Eurozone figure for comparative purposes and it comes out at 11% and would be in position 3.

As with absolute, versus  per capita,  GDP figures, so with internet usage so  we have rearranged these top 20 & the Eurozone according to the users as a percentage of total population figures. Good news – we come out on top. The figure approximately equates to the ONS statistics we commented on in November for Q3 2011 which in total for the UK were reckoned to be 83%.  We’ve flagged the top 10.

The graph does NOT include all countries and as with New Zealand there will be others with higher usage percentages but they will all have less than 27m users.

The Eurozone falls from position 3, to sort of 7, or more accurately 5 (having eliminated Germany and France ) as it gets dragged down by the likes of Greece 46% and  Portugal 49%.  On the other hand, although they have  relatively small populations  the Netherlands  Finland and  Luxemburg all have greater % usage than the UK.


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