Lets fly the new new twitter (& TweetDeck)


Details of the latest version   were released last week including their explanatory preview video.

Their was of course lots of coverage:


We were impressed that twitter included a short excerpt from the “space” video by Michael Köenig the full version of which has been in our I World section since its release.

Obviously their intent is simplification to  both encourage new, and retain existing twitterers – looks to be a few steps in the right direction on initial impressions.

We understand its due to be rolled out over the next few weeks.


 This has also had a significant makeover the first one since it was aquired by twitter

We have found it particularly useful if you have several twitter accounts eg work, personal, the dog or whatever!

We found ourselves agreeing with some of PCPro’s comments

It does we think though feel more resilient (loading and moving  between columns is quicker/easier) BUT as PC Pro mention some of the flexibility seems to have gone.

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