ADVENT Online Offerings – Reissue

We’re doing a reissue/update of  Advent offerings in particular we like the NEW  twitter one from the Fitzwilliam Museum.’s Advent CyberCalendar

We start with our own Advent CyberCalendar where the theme is technology and t’internet from the early days in video format.

Here’s the running order up to a few days ago:

  1. A history of technology in the 1980’s
  2. Nintendo Cereal System commercial (1989)
  3. Internet users guide (1990)
  4. Compuserve Internet Commercial (1991)
  5. Minitel 1992 publicité 3615 MGS (in French)
  6. CBC Archives: The Internet 1993
  7. DEC – Glimpse of the Future, 1994
  8. Early AOL Commercial (1995)
  9. Digital Internet Commercial from 1996
  10. Mastering the Internet in 1997 Funny Video – Digg Reel
  11. MacWorld 1998 Keynote – Steve Jobs likes Internet Explorer
  12. GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video
  13. Cute advertisement from Apple
  14. The Internet in the year 2001
  15. The Netmachine 2002 promo

Still to come the early days, both at Apple, and at Google, a classic Super Bowl GoDaddy advert & much much more so come back each day to discover the goodies..

Our friends at Advent Calendars are based in Europe and likely on CET so we’re guessing the day starts at GMT+1.

The  info page also has the  the video titles and technical stuff on the calendar & the QR code if you want todownload them which you are more than welcome to do.

We are started our Advent info from 1 December and provide below a limited selection of what’s around online but also for a starter 10 of the best traditional versions. We will extend/edit them over the next 24  21  14 days.

Many of the sites have Social Media links to twitter & Facebook etc. We haven’t deliberately included anything offensive but as per our T & C’s do not  take any responsibility for external content. Incidentally there seem to be zillions of spoilers around for  kids advent calendars such as Star Wars so beware!

Traditional- A bit late now but in extreme situations there’s still time to catch up!

  •  The I Papers view of the top ten including #6 which is our favourite.


Genealogy (ish)

GeneaBloggers (ie blogs related to genealogy and family history) posting about specific holiday-related topics/themes at their own blogs









We’re the art museum of Cambridge University, and we tweet each day’s advent offering.
Here’s a catch up for you Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7  Day 8  Day 9


Initial trawl failed to find anything current & not inappropriate! – Liked this old commercial agency promo. Inputs/links in the comments please


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