Cyber Monday UK is a neologism

OK. We admit it we stole the new word neologism   from Wikipedia

First an apology. In one of our previous posts  on Cyber Monday we apparently unfairly derided a logistics magazine   for using the 5th December date in an article. Maybe they are right!

Certainly amazon are making the UK version 5th December & as in the US extending their “deals” for the following week ending on Sunday the 11th.

The Cyber Monday site run by seem to agree but have aimed their promotions at the week between the US & UK Mondays.

We suppose that there is a sort of rationale in attributing it to the busiest online day for UK retail.

If there is an equivalent research organisation to the US’s  ComScore Inc, who publish the UK online retail spending figures, we could go along with it but in their absence I suppose we have to rely on the largest online retailer in the UK!

So amazon have it UK Cyber Monday is 5th December.

Oh & by the way it’s Green over here as well!

WARNING– Don’t click on the above banner it will take you to all those deals!

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