Top Tablets

The Global Ranking (by shipments) in quarter 4 this year and their Market share:

  1. iPad (Apple) – 65.6%
  2. Kindle Fire (amazon) – 13.8%
  3. Galaxy (Samsung) – 4.8%
  4. Nook (Barnes & Noble) – 4.7%
  5. HTC – 1.3%

It’s disappointing that 2 & 4 are not yet available in the UK.

The above figures exclude e readers where amazon with their Kindles dominate the market.

Shipments in Q4 are estimated to total 28.3 million devices bringing the years total to 64.7m.(17.34m)  This is projected to reach 287.2m by 2015 a compound growth rate of over 45%.

On a trivial note we wonder when twitter will add another tablet to their “Now go mobile” page.

 Source IHS iSuppli

The I Commerce Zone lists some optional tablet resellers.

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