Monthly .uk registrations flatlineing

Click to enlargeNominet (the .uk internet registry) have just published the monthly registration figures for November which are as follows:

  •     159,981
  •       1,660
  •       8,502
  •            60
  •             1
  •             0
  •           21
  • Total       170,225’s are the third lowest month so far this year and are flatlineing on comparison with last month  (170,701).

The year on year likely outcome is an increase of less than 2% (down from 10.6% last year) and will be the lowest this century. There were actual decreases in 2001 & 2002 but they occurred after an exceptional start to the century in 2000 when over 1.6m domains were registered, a figure which was not subsequently reached again until 2009. This year the total will be a bit below 2.1m.

The total number of domains on the register stands at 9,841,776 which on a count back basis stands at 65.5 months, ie numerically the domains which are still active (in registration terms) represent the last five and a half years additions. The first domains went on Nominet’s registry in August 1996 per their archives. I guess we can look forward to an early New Year’s figure of 10m hopefully.

Hosterstats is a useful source for global statistics .

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