Chanel v hundreds of domains, (all search engines, and social media sites)

Click to enlargeSome fascinating Court Orders follow a counterfeiting case in Nevada.

Précis – Chanel took action against many domains allegedly advertising and/or promoting and selling Chanel counterfeit branded goods. They proved to the Court partially on a sampling basis  the illegal activities. Per arstechnica the modus operandi was “for the most recent batch of names, Chanel hired a Nevada investigator to order from three of the 228 sites in question. When the orders arrived, they were reviewed by a Chanel official and declared counterfeit. The other 225 sites were seized based on a Chanel anti-counterfeiting specialist browsing the Web.”

The really interesting elements of the court decision were:

  •  the Judge ordered that the domains be transferred to Chanel’s control at GoDaddy – this is the actual order; “(7) The top-level domain (TLD) Registries for the Group II Subject Domain Names, within ten (10) business days of receipt of this Second Temporary Restraining Order shall change the registrar of record for the Group II Subject Domain Names, excepting any such domain names which such Registries have been notified in writing by the Plaintiff have been or will be dismissed from this action, to the United States based Registrar,, Inc.”
  •  For all the seized domains a link  to the case was setup detailing the judgement. (Incidentally you can downloads as much of the case as you like and more from this link)
  •  The Judge ordered that ALL search engines & social media sites should de-index the domains – again here’s the text of the actual order “(10) The Group II Subject Domain Names shall immediately be de-indexed and/or removed from any search results pages of all Internet search engines including, but not limited to, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and all social media websites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter until otherwise instructed by this Court or Plaintiff that any such domain name is authorized to be reinstated, at which time it shall be reinstated to its former status within each search engine index from which it was removed”

Well done Chanel – the sheer scale of the counterfeiting is incredible.

Not quite sure how the de-indexing of all the domain names will go!

Probably worth keeping an eye out for further developments!

We, of course, respect & recognise all Chanel trademarks.

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