Cyber Monday Sales reach $1.25bn

Update for 2013 initial views

Update 10.00pm ComScore Press Release

We think it is quite remarkable how consistent the relationship is between Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Mondays average 50% over Fridays. This year – 53%. Previous three years – 59% 49% and 57%. This is despite many retailers, particularly the largest one, seeking to spread sales over longer periods.

Update 9.40pm Click to enlarge Update 9.00pm BREAKING – ComScore announce Cyber Monday sales reached $1,251m an increase of 22% on last year. Graph & full release to follow.

Update 9.00pm ebay/PayPal majoring on mobile data. “- eBay Mobile announced that shoppers in the U.S. spent two and a half times more via eBay Mobile this Cyber Monday than last year
- PayPal Mobile announced a six-fold (552%) increase in global mobile payment volume compared to Cyber Monday 2010 – GSI Commerce announced a four-fold (374%) increase in U.S. mobile sales when compared to Cyber Monday 2010″ Full release and blog post

Update 8.00pm Top Cyber Monday searches on ebay – iPod Touch, Michael Kors watches, Burberry, Boots, Lego Star Wars & Harley Davidson. Top special rapid sell out deal iPad2 @ $449.99. Consumers shopped online most frequently between 11 a.m. and Noon PST. More quick facts & stats from ebay

Update 5.30pmThis is IBM’s graph. If (and it’s a big if) the base line = 0 then our VERY approximate area assessment gives a 2011 increase over 2010 of 21%. An area assessment at 22.00 for 2011 when apparently last years $1,028m was passed and 24.00 implies a total sales figure of about $1,080 (ie an overall 5% increase). E & O E!

Update 3.30pm IBM’s Coremetrics does not disclose actual sales figures but John Squire, chief strategy officer said the $1.03 billion was surpassed at 10 p.m., EST, Monday. So another extrapolation might add at least 10% for the remaining 2 hours but as amazon is on PST who knows when the cut off actually is? – in the comments please.

Update 3.00pm You can download the IBM Benchmark report.benchmark-2011-cyber-monday If we use their increase on Black Friday figure of 29.3% and apply this to ComShare’s $816m this equates to just over the $1bn mark. Apples & Oranges (or Walmarts!) methinks.

Update 2.45pm It’s being reported that sales were up a staggering 33%, according to IBM, on 2010. We are a little sceptical. More to follow

Update 2.00pm No definitive news but the FBI have closed down 150 counterfeiting domain sites.


The only preliminary indications of the outcome seem to be based on IBM’s Coremetrics Benchmark Reports.

They intially seemed to be indicating an increase of 15% on 2010 and then as the day went on moved this up to 18% as mentioned by both The Wall Street Journal & Fox News

The base figure we’re working from seems to be the generally accepted ComScore figure of $1,028m in 2010. An 18% increase would just move this to over $1.2bn.

We aim to keep an eye on the developing situation & will update accordingly.

Last year ComScore’s press release was made on Wednesday.


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