Cyber Monday or Christmas follows Black Friday?

Looks as if amazon are differentiating  between the UK & the US if we look at their  promotional banners/pages.

Black Friday extends into Saturday in the US with Cyber Monday deals starting at 00.00 hours sharp on 28 November.

“Amazing deals” today in the UK followed tomorrow by the “12 days of Christmas”, which we think they have started a bit early!

The UK paper press are joining in the fun with, on the one hand, the FT rather nicely describing Cyber Monday as the virtual cousin of Black Friday  but on the other, a logistics magazine  seems to have got them wrong with Cyber Monday being billed as 5 December….. oops!

Don’t click the amazon banners ‘cos it will take you to our I Commerce Zone

Update 2.30pm We’ve updated the Bestselling Business Books for the week ending 20 November – just one new entry this week at #9 Markets Never Forget. StrengthsFinder2.0 is still at #1


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