iHigh Apple UK discounts for Black Friday

Well the savings in the UK are almost as rumoured

  • iPod nano – £11
  • iPod touch – £15
  • iPad2 – £31
  • Macs – £81
  • iPhones – £0

But very much on the plus side for the “Bits & pieces” with most items having at least a 10% discount and up to 30% on some items eg the iPad2 smart covers (Leather or plastic) have a £11 reduction.

All we believe are available in store or online.

We guess that other resellers eg Viking will mirror some of these prices and may have free delivery + other promotions eg nectar points and less likely free gifts but worth checking ou.

All in all a definite Black Friday deal and ahead of their US conterparts at 7.30 GMT.

But We would still like to wish a successful Black Friday to all our US visitors.

Update 9.00am Apple US have updated their store & the savings are:

  • iPod nano – $11
  • iPod touch – $21
  • iPad2 – $41
  • Macs – $101

Plus as well lots of bits & pieces eg the iPad smart cover reduced by $11

Obviously 1 is the new .99!

Update Midday

A taste of Black Friday from ABC News – it’s a bit shouty so we suggest you keep the volume down!


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