Will Cyber Monday slaughter Black Friday?

Click to enlargeHistorically Cyber Monday US sales have on average been more than 50% up on Black Fridays. They’ve varied from being 37% more in 2007 to nearly 59% last year.

Annual Compound growth rates have been 17% for the Fridays and 16.4% for the Mondays!

So what will this years be? Any reasoned estimates in the comments please.

The Wall Street Journal today have estimates, probably from comScore of $700m for Friday & $1,200m for Monday. That would herald a huge Monday win by 70% . This would reflect comparable annual growth rates this year with last year of  about 8% & 16% for Friday & Monday respectively.

We have guessed at a bit of a switch from Monday to Friday reflecting some of the larger outlets heavy promotion in the run up to the holiday season. In particular of course amazon.com who, as previously mentioned, have  a dominant position both in the US and globally  with 2010 revenues of over $34bn.

As far as the UK is concerned IMRG forecast that December’s e-retail sales will be about £6.4bn which should keep us in position 2 for 2011 on a global e-commerce sales basis just ahead of Japan.

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