Stay safe on Black Friday & Cyber Monday (& in National Consumer Week)

In a, no doubt timely, reminder of the imminent arrival of Black Friday (25 Nov.) hotly pursued by Manic (or Cyber) Monday (28 Nov) the Met’s Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) have just issued a press release highlighting how they have closed down over 2,000 domains who operated illegally by fleecing the general public with bogus goods claiming to be eg Nike, GHD, Tiffany and Ugg.

They also provide the following advice: “

  • Know who you are dealing with – Check manufacturers’ websites to ensure you are buying from an approved and reputable retailer
  •  Be careful how you pay – If the purchase is over £100 consider using a credit card to protect your purchase, buy goods online through secure and encrypted payment systems, don’t be drawn off the site to other forms of payment and consider separate credit cards or accounts for online shopping.
  • Protect your personal details – Don’t give away personal details unnecessarily, don’t ever reveal passwords or PIN numbers.
  • Protect your computer – Ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus software on you computer, use a firewall and update you computer’s software regularly.

Beware of unsolicited or spam email offers.”

On topic-  worth a visit is Getsafeonline for lots of practical advice.

The old & trusted one is also worth reiterating “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.”

One we’re working on is that if a flashing popup appears claiming “Its really true you’ re the 7 billionth visitor & you qualifty for …………..” then move on to another site!

Take precautions but  Keep clicking!

Update 1.00pm It’s also  National Consumer Week and the Trading Standards people have some additional advice and a poster (with a QR code). Click to enlarge

There’s also allegedly a special Scottish version due imminently. with a medal inscribed Guyde sports dinnae faykit

Update 7.30pm Trading Standards have come up with the following single letter mnemonic or acronym

C Choose your shopping outlets and websites carefully.

H Help yourself. If the deal is too good to be true then it     probably is.

E Ensure you look for authentic branding and holograms.

C Contact the authorities if you are concerned.

K Keep a copy of your order and receipts.

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