Domain registration – An indicator of Global economic health?

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Historically advertised job vacancies was considered to be a (probably leading) indicator  of economic health (or otherwise).

This got us wondering how relevant new domain registrations might be in a similar context.

From the graph it seems that there is a direct correlation on a global basis.

Registrations of the highest volume top level domain .com (with probably over 70% of the active domains on the internet) certainly reflects the Global recession of 2008 and has flat lined remarkably since then averaging about 2.25m monthly registrations. There’s a seasonal influence occurring in March each year with increase varying between 300k-500k.

We’re not sure at this stage whether it’s a leading or lagging indicator but we may return to the topic on that score at a later date. Any views in the comments plaesw.

Data source (with 1st of month info attributed to the previous calendar month).

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