Not all dot-coms can walk on water

US successful online businesses and their associated domain names are not always capable of being floated across the Atlantic.

One such business is Angie’s list whose IPO (initial Public offering)  is taking place this afternoon later this week on the Nasdaq exchange where it is hoping to raise up to $114m ( £72m) giving it a valuation of around $667m (£422m). It’s a localised subscription-based website providing user-written reviews of consumer service providers. It has a little under 1m subscribing members.

It was founded over 16 years ago & operates almost entirely in the USA & Canada. Back in 2006 was registered and plans were obviously afoot to bring it over here but they have not yet materialised and seems to be firmly parked at se do!

amazon’s Kindle Fire which, unfortunately, (because we really, really want one) has not yet been released in the UK, debuted a day early in the US on Monday.

This prompted amazon earlier this year to register literally hundreds of dot-com names, partially of course defensive ones.

A (somewhat random) preliminary search via nominet reveals that they have registered the main ones ie  and but no sign of many of the other 500 dot-coms like or

On one front though dot-co-uk’s lead the way with the smallest domain whose nearest dot-com equivalent is eBay/paypal’s (The only active single character dot-com the other two being Q  & Z )

Update 6.00pm Angie’s List IPO looks as if it’s tomorrow or later this week – Good summary both operationally & financially by Gaskins IPO desktop.

Update 17 November 1.30pm Angie’s List pricing set at $13 per share & should go today – more to follow – Ticker is Angi we believe.
Update 17 November 2.20pm Angie’s List price should be available from 2.30pm 3.30pm The Nasdaq in pre market trade has just turned positive so at a guess Angie could do quite well. 25% + gains on day 1 of an IPO are not uncommon & it could be more. There is a 15 minute delay on the Nasdaq site. We have no position in the stock.
Update 17 November 3.30pm Twitter feed of ticker symbol Angi added.
Update 17 November 4.00pm The first price we saw was on Twitter, after it started trading a bit later than billed at 3.50pm GMT, and was $17.71 which is a 34% premium to the placing price which is “healthy”.

Update 17 November 7.15pm The Wall Street Journal think Angie’s List were fairer in terms of shares on offer compared to Groupon Pandora & Linkedin

Update 17 November 9.15pm Angie’s List closes the day at $16.26 thats 25% above the IPO price of $13.

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