Cyber Black Friday UK (25 November) is up & running

Whilst Black Friday’s roots are mainly around the Thanksgiving holiday in the US increasingly they now have an international spread and the UK probably leads the rest.

Basically the original post thanksgiving pre Christmas spend fest was driven by the major US retailers with specials promotions offers + + . This is now  significantly supported & driven to a large extent by their online activities. The major online retailers, unsurprisingly, join in ahead of their Cyber Monday.

Confirming it’s importance on the internet Bing have just registered and Amazon already have

On the spread to the UK here are the main comparatives:

  •  BlackFriday                                      .com 
  •  Twitter hashtags            #BlackFridayUK          #BlackFriday
  •  Amazon Black Friday             UK                             US

We’ll add to these (your inputs in the comments please) as we get closer to the day, and possibly run a UK twitter feed from Thanksgiving.

One UK site we haven’t got over here yet is a dedicated !

Update 2.00pm Nice innovation from a major US retailer on the QR code use front – Santa tags – Still time for eg John Lewis to introduce in the UK

Update 15 November 10.30am   JC Penney have a mobile optimised site for the “santa tags”

Update 15 November 6.00pm – We wondered how long the message could be – ” “Santa Tags” decked with QR Codes will allow gift buyers to record personal voice messages up to one minute long”. From the Amp Agency blog

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