gTLD to be or not to be DotNIe

GB ie DotEng  DotScot  ( DotScot2)  and  DotCym ru all have campaigns underway to apply to ICANN for gTLD’s (generic Top Level Domains) for their respective countries.

(You can register support for them on these websites)

There was a bit of a false start with dotCym (which ICANN probably didn’t like because it correspond’s to the 3 character code in ISO 3166-1 for the Cayman Islands see below!) And now there seems to be a little fracas developing across the (Bristol) channel or  Môr Hafren, as to whether the gTLD application should be for .Wales or .Cymru. The ”Prime Minister” or First Minister as some would call him seems to be supporting .Wales. Nominet in a  survey  of businesses and consumers have discovered that opinion is split between the two. All opinions/votes in the comments please.

.scot seems eminently reasonable and if they were to become independent in the future it would likely have to be the rather interesting .so as .sc (Seychelles) .st (Sao Tome and Principe) .sl (Sierra Leone) .sa (Saudi Arabia) .sn (Senegal) and .sd Sudan are already operated by IANA under ICANN’s policies

Now the DotNIe question.

ICANN have manfully tried to stay with the 2 character International Standards Organisations country code listings per ISO 3166-1 but as with any (particularly historical) situation requiring 200 plus countries agreement anomalies are bound to arise. Guess who heads the list — .GB?. Well you see GB is the official 2 character code for the UK under ISO 3166-1. The 3 character code is GBR and we sort of are responsible for 5 of the 9 exceptions .uk .ge (Guernsey) .je (jersey)  .im (Isle of Man) & .ac (Ascension Island). Another exception is .eu (but we’re not talking about that zone!).

So our question is Where’s the .nie campaign? – we may have missed it on t’internet but we can’t catch it on Google. Surely you must join the other three applicants to complete the UK’s quartet?

Update 8.00pm Useful list from Valedius of gTLD applications (unsure of the status of dotsco – any inputs appreciated) We’ve also added the optional name for the channel which apparently translates as Severn Sea.

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