Bestselling business books

We’re dropping the charts section of I Commerce and replacing it with a selection of  bestselling business books.

We’re starting off with Bookscan’s top 10  from the Wall Street Journal at the end of October plus a couple of high sales volume  biographies, Steve Jobs & Jeff Bezos of amazon.

We have provided review links, author video interviews and social media links for three of the most popular titles. We may expand this in depth as well as providing it for all the listed books. The two biographies and Boomerang are subject of the additional analysis. (The book  titles  link to this information).

Let us know whether you think this new feature is  useful/informative and how it might be extended. eg We’d be happy to add  your comments/reviews on any the titles. Also if there are additional books you would like to see listed let us know, we’ll update it regularly as publications join the list/come to our attention. We’re trying to bias it towards the internet but with a very wide/catholic interpretation.thereof.

The Buy link to amazon for each book takes you to the hardback version but you can elect to get the Kindle ebook before checking out.

We’ve just clicked one click for Kindle (if you see what we mean!) & will let you know what we think in due course. We are notoriously slow readers so we suggest you don’t hold your breathe – it could be early 2012 as our reading speed increases during holidays!

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