No Cyberwars please

“Cybersecurity” we’re pleased to note is catching on. Several honourable mentions in this CNN article today.

We profoundly object though to their use of the term “Cyberwar”. Cyber- must remain a positive prefix. As no declarations against abstract nouns are permitted, then the sheer tenacity of combining the prefix with the actual word is simply unforgiveable. A tentative suggestion, from a new member of our Internet Terminology Committee (ITC), who floated  the alternative “Virtualwar” was immediately shot down in flames!

A rather brilliant quote, we thought, in the article on the comparative speed of the internet:

“During the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the East Coast on August 23 … there were almost 40,000 tweets within minutes, and tweets from DC reached New York City ahead of the seismic wave itself.”

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