Become a millionaire & own a gold iPhone

16GB iPhone 4 Gold Elite

Become a millionaire

There’s a Viking promotion where you can become a millionaire (only in Nectar point terms we’re afraid – it’s still worth we reckon at least £5,000 and possibly more). Anyway give it a go. If you’re not signed up with Viking simply register & go from there.

Own a gold iPhone

We’ve just joined up with those clever people at Goldengenie with their gold plated iPhones iPods iPads and much more and they now feature in our Promoted links.

The iPhone4 elite (as above) is showcased tomorrow on ITV This morning with Phil Schofield & Holly Willoughby in a piece about the use of gold.

In other news you hopefully have noticed that we’ve extended the I Commerce  Zone somewhat with the promised charts for Books DVD’s & Albums, plus music links for Classic fM or 95.8 Capital FM (which open on your desktop, mobile, tablet or whatever rather than our website if you see what we mean). The clever banner for Tesco we mentioned seems to have disappeared so we’ve added them in the Gateway section – apologies for the somewhat feeble Tesco banner but we’re still looking for something a bit more enticing! The eVouchers are usually time limited so watch out for that. We’ll try to remember to take them down as they expire but do check the T & C’s on the information page. If they have expired I’m sure Tesco will bounce them at the checkout.

So off you all go now – WIN the million & OWN a gold iPhone (or at least have a look – you know you want to!)

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