Is this the internet age?


Varying numbers of ages of man have been categorised  from four  to Shakespeare’s seven in As you like it (Act ii scene vii) –  Political correctness update required to people/persons and also some evolutionary artistic amendments.

The Internet age we refer to of course is amazon Google ebaY

The incredible global dominance of these three companies in their respective sectors is quite remarkable.

Per netmarketshare currently Google’s global market search share is over 80% on desktops  & 90% on mobiles/tablets.

Amazon per Wikinvest has 65m active customers which if they all lived in the same country would equate to the 19th largest in the world. Our calculations based on IMRWorld’s  ecommerce sales and amazon’s 2010 revenues would put them in  4th place ahead of  France.  ebay would also be in the top 10 ahead of China.

So our conclusion is that we do live in the internet……

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