The London Conference on Cyberspace 1-2 November (Engagement Links & Live stream)

You can follow them on Twitter!/londoncyber  The hashtag surprisingly is #LondonCyber

How to engage:

Via Twitter:

Tweet your questions in English in advance of the conference, or while it is taking place. Include the hashtag  #LondonCyber for general questions and add one of the following hashtags, corresponding with the relevant theme, so that we can match your question to the right session:
#social, #economic, #crime, #access, #security

Via Facebook:

You can go to the Foreign Secretary’s page on Facebook and ask a question in English there.
If you see a question that has already been asked, you can like it, to help us see what the most popular questions are.

The website is  The conference programme is here

There’s a live stream which we are putting up below but in our limited experience of watching such streams they are somewhat prone to problems. We would be interested to hear if you have anydifficulties.  In the comments please.

Per the FCO:

LIVE STREAM 1 (stream now available on 2nd November post)

On Tuesday 1 November, this live stream will broadcast a welcome speech (scheduled at 11.40am) from Foreign Secretary William Hague, & all keynote speeches . It covers a session on Economic growth and development.

On Wednesday this stream will cover a Chatham House discussion on the role of private and public sectors, followed by sessions on cyber crime and will finish with the summing up from the chair and press conference.

LIVE STREAM 2 (stream now available on 2nd November post)

This stream will show video from other events at the #LondonCyber conference including sessions on Internet Freedom, Social benefits of the web and safe and reliable access.


On the attendance front apparently Hillary Clinton is uanble to attend for personal reasons.

Update 6pm Administratively the stream seemed to work well (with to date no complaints forthcoming). The QEII Conference Centre did OK apart from the simultaneous translation of the Russian Minister for Coms & Mass Medias speech being unfortunately inaudible – as someone pointed out, inexcusable in view of his position, & particularly as he was from the other side!

David Cameron thought the internet was a force for good whereas Joe Biden (delivering Hillary Clinton’s speech as she couldn’t attend for personal family reasons – her mother was taken ill yesterday) reckoned it was neutral.

We thought the commercial/internet speakers in the plenary session outperformed the politicians although William Hague was his usual competent self.

We’ll leave any analysis until after tomorrow’s session.

Were going to put up a separate post for that later tonight or early tomorrow with principal speakers (although this is somewhat dynamic – judging from today’s substitutions) as well as the live streams.


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