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Some housekeeping on this front;

We’ve decided to introduce an Information element – particularly for the upcoming Christmas season & possibly thereafter. Initial content is Royal Mails Last Posting Dates (for both snail mail & parcels). Incidentally they refer to Manic Monday as Cyber Monday (Google it!). As the season develops we may swap the info section (or some of it) to a linked page.

We’re thinking of adding charts eg top 10 ebooks  music CD downloads etc & if they exist phones, tablets MP3’s etc. Help in locating UK or worldwide one’s for the gadgets in the comments please

We’ve added thetrainline.com as a Promoted Link and as a Gateway – we use them and as long as, in our experience, you can book a bit in advance & also if you can be flexible, then there are significant savings to be made and we reckon they beat having to queue & be bamboozled by your local train operators ticket office staff!

Incidentally there’s a £20 off a pair of standard tickets offer from them (conditions of course) if you’re going to the Taste of Christmas in London. “Join top chefs like Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Gary Rhodes to get in the festive spirit” they say. We think it comes as an option when you book the specific dates but are checking with thetrainline & will update info. If you’re a real foodie/Jamie Oliver fan you could buy his book Jamie’s Great Britain (which is currently top of the WH Smith hardback chart) for £10 I think on Amazon as well!

We may renege on our “no flash” policy as there’s a rather clever Tesco.com affiliate banner. We’ll let you know.

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