Fall’s back

Following last weekends Autumnal rant we’re not quite sure but perhaps the *Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; may have arrived. The first scrap of evidence is yesterdays early morning sun & mist

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We shall now go in search of other morsels & report back a little later. If you can add to the case – in the comments please.

Update October 29 pm I’m no arborist but some trees have colour & ……. So no conclusive evidence yet. I think the jury will have to deliberate for at least another night but they are not dismissed yet.

Update October 30 am The latest addition to the bundle for consideration is a somewhat urban but hardly urbane specimen. Certainly some colour here & a pleasant carpet as well. Further investigative findings will be disclosed later today when a verdict may be forthcoming. Oh and the clock change seemed to go quite well. Trust we are now, in the UK,  all in synch with GMT & UTC.Update 30 October pm Formal jury consideration of additional pictorial evidence plus a quote from Mr Keats talking of his ode “……some pictures look warm. This struck me so much in my Sunday’s walk that I composed upon it” is that Autumn is upon us!

On the poetic front if, as I’m sure there must be, there are some aspirant, possibly unpublished, poets out there then if they’d like to get in touch with their autumnal contribution then we would certainly consider putting up our favourites on the blog. Contact form is probably the easiest way to communicate.

* Extract “To Autumn” John Keats (1795-1821)
+ Spring forward, fall back of course refers to the loss of BST & reversion to GMT early on Sunday morning

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