I commerce

We’ve added a new section to the site, inspiringly called, I Commerce.

Current intentions are to highlight a Seasonal Selection from time to time.  So the initial one, which will run through 30 October probably, is a Halloween offering which we rather liked.

As the next season looms & manic Monday approaches (Google it!) we will do a few selections eg Bang & Olufsen have just sent us – good news – an offer of £1,000 off a unique sound system – bad news – you have to buy a Beosound 5 Beomaster 5 and loudspeakers at the same time. All you aficionados out there will realise that this comes to a few more £’s than 1,000!

In connection with the Halloween selection we have added Viking Diect to our Promoted Links but not Bang & Olufsen!

It will likely prove difficult but further down the line we may try to cater for more of our international visitors as you are all  extremely welcome here.

In addition to the selections we are adding certain Gateways to other popular suppliers eg we’re starting off with the fairly obvious Amazon. You guys & gals can give us your inputs as to any additional specific ones you would like  & we’ll see what we can do. The idea is to have a quiet location (no flash & little else) that you can go to & shop in peace & quiet or music might be a possibility. Ideas in the comments please.

Update (1) 27 October  Tesco are contributing to the Halloween treats!

Update (2) 28 October 10am Possible bad news Viking Direct – “We’re sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Please call 0844 412 1111 for assistance.” Clarification being sought!

Update (3) 28 October 2.30pm No clarification but ahem a Heavy duty Lantern is now available (ie an orange torch)!

Update (4) 28 October 4.30pm Tesco.com added as Promoted Link so go buy all those Pumpkins!


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