The Information I Ltd operates this site & we are looking for a student to contribute to the next development phase of the smallest short .uk domain.

This could be just the portfolio addition that enhances your career prospects significantly.

The job initially involves a review of the 3 sites ( is the third) & their underlying analytics with recommendations & subsequently agreed implementations to ensure a robust base exists for future development. You will subsequently be involved in our future plans. The internship is likely only to be limited by your contribution and participation


Commencement duration & location: Immediate start, approx. 100 hours duration lasting through June 2012 with front loading over the next couple of months. Your location in the UK is not important – we are Bristol based.

Background: A knowledge and experience of working with WordPress is as important as your degree subject which need not necessarily be Computer Sciences.

Applications: By email please to TheInformationI-at-Gmail-dot-com include a CV & convince us as to how your contribution  can enhance this project.

Fees: The internship will be a paid one & expenses will be reimbursed if incurred. Exceptional performance may also be recognised!

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