Blogging community links

We’ve started this new link category.

My, limited, knowledge of blogging comes mainly from following some of the political blogs. As a sort of fraternity they often (but not always) exchange site links irrespective of their “colours”. So Guido Fawkes links with LabourList  and vice versa.

Apart from their philanthropic!! motives they are also looking to attract visitors. Visitors means page views & page views with advertising usually mean £’s . Not many believe me but at least some.

Portrayal methods vary from the impressive sidebar listings of Theo Spark through  categorised lists such as Conservative Home’s  “Editors choice” and Left foot forward’s  various Progressives categories, to a basic list or blogroll.

They also often reference other  Blog posts  eg Guido has a “Seen elsewhere” section,  Left foot  forward “Best of the web” and so on.

Well we’re going to kick off  on a KIS  (Keep It Simple) basis initially.  Our Blogging Community Links section is therefore open to all  on a reciprocal basis.  The only rules, apart from the legality etc etc ones (& our decision being final!)  are that the other blog should be active ie with fairly recent & regular postings.

So welcome one welcome all. We’ve even got a nice lttle sidebar display promotion if required (email us TheInformationiatgmaildotcom for the file).

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