there’s No Autumn this year

Well I reckon in this part of the northern hemisphere it is pretty late anyway!

Anecdotal support:

      1. The UK clocks don’t revert to GMT/UTC until the last possible day but one (ie 30 October).
      2. The National Arboretum at Westonbirt last weekend,  apart from the ever colourful maples, was still very green.  Incidentally it’s well worth a visit during half term next week as it is a beautiful & remarkably tranquil location even at this time of the year. The facilities are pretty good with the occasional brilliant touch. We particularly like the disposable wooden knives & forks provided in the cafe. There is also a kids playing area called the exploratree.
      3. My lawn is definitely still growing!

I took a treescape today to be entitled “early autumn”. The Promenade was so bereft of colour that we have reverted to old school black & white in an attempt to generate some interest.

As we have seen a large number of squirrels recently perhaps we’re just missing out autumn altogether this year!

Squirrels & hard winters never actually convinces me so visiting squirrels in the comments please!

Update I – 23 October Westonbirt are providing a series of Autumnal Highlights next week, over half term, at the arboretum between 25th & 28th October. Post code (as we can’t see it obviously on their site) by the way is GL8 8QS. Head north at junction 18  (Bath exit) from the M4.

Update II – 24 October The Weather forecast for the arboretum.

Update III - 25 October Westonbirt confirm that its been a very strange Autumn with a 2 phase colour change and explains why.

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