QR codes are social

Well I mean just look at them one’s friendly and the other isn’t.

You get the occasional competition, prize, or voucher with one but not the other. Inspite of being a somewhat techie sounding abbreviation – QR isn’t. Nothing complex about Quick Response and much less boring than the very factual barcode.

It’s fun it’s today.

As far as reading them is concerned our android free app. “Barcode Scanner” copes very easily with the friendly one, but struggles (although it does get there) with t’other. There are no doubt zillions of apps out there for all the varying devices, so names  in the comments please.

So thats why we’ve decided it’s social we “like” it!

Somewhat off topic we intend being transparent about advertising & promotional links mentions etc etc. So we now have  a Promoted links category. Whilst our legal friends have told us never to reccomend anything, if we currently use a service product or whatever, ahem “like” it, & joy of joys can just possibly earn a lttle revenue from it, then it will likely materialise there.

You will see therefore that QRstuff feature as they provided the facilities to enable us to produce the above QR code & have lots of ahem “stuff” on their website.

Now off you all go & read the above QR code & tell all your friends about us as well!


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