Short .uk domains

This was the Prees release made by Nominet last week. We of course obtained this domain & under the first reserved rights “sunrise” phase mentioned in the release..

As a matter of interest there are only 3 single character .com names in existance. Q X & Z. Only is truly active being operated by PayPal/eBay.


Reserved Short domains release raises £3m for Nominet Trust

October 05 2011

The release of the 2831 previously reserved short domains is drawing to a close this week, having raised £3m for Nominet Trust.

The release of the short domains had three phases; rights holders were given priority during two rights-holder ‘sunrise’ phases prior to general release. Prior to the start of the ‘sunrise’, we contacted over 20,000 rights holders as part of a consultation to ensure that all stakeholders were aware of the decision to make the short domains available and were able to have a say in the design of the release process.

Where domains were not applied for by rights holders, any member of the public could apply, with multiple applications being decided by auction.

The average reserved domain sold for close to £5,000 at auction, but many rights holders including British Airways (, Virgin Enterprises (, and the Financial Times ( secured their domains in the sunrise process.

The vast majority of the short domains have now been registered and the registrant information is accessible via the WHOIS tool on Nominet’s website.

The net proceeds have been donated to the Nominet Trust for the support of projects that contribute to a safe and accessible Internet for UK communities.

Read more about the £3m donation to Nominet Trust

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