I Products services trademarks & companies

We propose developing, with help and inputs from you all, a comprehensive collection of many I related commercial (any charitable & not for profit entries will possibly appear in posts on our sister site I.org.uk) products services  trademarks & company names. No geographical restrictions apply. All company and organisations trademarks are recognised & respected.

As a minimalist starter we have shown a few fairly obvious ones and a couple of lesser known companies on these pages:

Please give us your inputs (including any corrections) in the comments section with as much detail as possible (to save us lots of searches) eg  Country Company Web link etc etc would be most helpful

Standard best practice Blog rules apply eg nothing pornographic abusive defamatory or illegal will be accepted or published & our decisions are usually final & incontestable.

Go for it!

We may, depending on the responses, offer some trivial inducements in the future for replies involving no hesitation repetition or deviation!

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