How to behave in cyberspace

The Government (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) is hosting The London Conference (1-2 November) which will launch a focused and inclusive dialogue to help guide the behaviour of all in cyberspace.

The aims & focus of the conference are on economic growth and development, social benefits, cyber crime, safe and reliable access, and international security.

Attendees will include William Hague the foreign secretary, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, European commissioner for the digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Cisco vice president Brad Boston. Representatives from China Russia India & most other major governments are expected to participate.

Gathering together the various quotes outside The Times paywall, following an article there today, reveals these pre conference inputs:

Ian Lobban -  Director of Communications – GCHQ

“The volume of e-crime and attacks on government and industry systems continue to be disturbing,”

“I can attest to attempts to steal British ideas and designs — in the IT, technology, defence, engineering and energy sectors as well as other industries — to gain commercial advantage or to profit from secret knowledge of contractual arrangements.”

“Such intellectual property theft doesn’t just cost the companies concerned; it represents an attack on the UK’s continued economic wellbeing,”

There has been “one significant (but unsuccessful) attempt on the Foreign Office and other government departments this summer”

“Cyberspace is going to be one of the great challenges of our day,”

William Hague

“Together we must begin to address how we can maintain the economic and social benefits of the internet and guard against the criminal and security cyber threats without suffocating future innovation,”

“It will be harder for businesses to grow and survive and for individuals to maintain their confidential information, That is why it is urgent to prevent this.”

There has been an “exponential rise” in incidents, with systems and databases “liable to attack”

GCHQ’s counterpart in the United States is the National Security Agency. The UK government is likely to publish its cyberspace strategy later in November following the conference.

We will attempt to update you on the significant progress and outcomes of the conference.


Our & your success in obtaining our Halloween “Special Selection” in the I Commerce zone was rather limited due to Viking Direct’s somewhat precipitous withdrawal of their offer of Flying Pumpkin Lanterns.

In a whisper, just in case they’re listening, but we’re pretty sure they’re not – we’re still waiting for a call back from a supervisor from last Friday because “They are very busy you know” said Laura. Probably dealing with irate customers (or even worse their children) trying to buy Flying Pumpkin Lanterns in time for Halloween!.

We’re not going to drop Viking entirely because, in our experience, they do come up with good offers on occasion, but we’re taking them down from the I Commerce zone pro tem.

We’ll leave the promotion up until it gets dark! Local Tesco stores also have similar offers we believe so Pumpkin hunting is still in order.

Google as ever (as above) have a brilliant video doodle for the event – when you’ve seen it right through -  the end result is so obvious…………… but very clever.

Enjoy your treats & constrain your tricks!

Update – after dark

Google Behind the scenes Halloween video/doodle.

Google spokesman quote “To celebrate Halloween this year, the doodle team wanted to capture that fascinating transformation that takes place when carving a pumpkin. Instead of picking up a few pumpkins from the grocery store, however, we decided to work on six giant pumpkins, specially delivered from nearby Half Moon Bay (some weighing well over 1,000 pounds). What you see is a time-lapse video of the approximately eight hours we spent carving in the middle of our Mountain View, California, campus.”

Fall’s back

Following last weekends Autumnal rant we’re not quite sure but perhaps the *Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; may have arrived. The first scrap of evidence is yesterdays early morning sun & mist

Click to enlarge

We shall now go in search of other morsels & report back a little later. If you can add to the case – in the comments please.

Update October 29 pm I’m no arborist but some trees have colour & ……. So no conclusive evidence yet. I think the jury will have to deliberate for at least another night but they are not dismissed yet.

Update October 30 am The latest addition to the bundle for consideration is a somewhat urban but hardly urbane specimen. Certainly some colour here & a pleasant carpet as well. Further investigative findings will be disclosed later today when a verdict may be forthcoming. Oh and the clock change seemed to go quite well. Trust we are now, in the UK,  all in synch with GMT & UTC.Update 30 October pm Formal jury consideration of additional pictorial evidence plus a quote from Mr Keats talking of his ode “……some pictures look warm. This struck me so much in my Sunday’s walk that I composed upon it” is that Autumn is upon us!

On the poetic front if, as I’m sure there must be, there are some aspirant, possibly unpublished, poets out there then if they’d like to get in touch with their autumnal contribution then we would certainly consider putting up our favourites on the blog. Contact form is probably the easiest way to communicate.

* Extract “To Autumn” John Keats (1795-1821)
+ Spring forward, fall back of course refers to the loss of BST & reversion to GMT early on Sunday morning

National broadcasters workers discuss bosses pay increases

The Incomes Data Services (IDS) press release concerning their recently published IDS Directors’ Pay Report 2011  does not include the word boss (or bosses).

The report concerns the change in earnings of the FTSE 100 constituent companies directors in the last financial year. The word director (or directors) occurs 12 times in the release.

Why did our national broadcaster choose to substitute the word boss (or bosses) for director (or directors) in their news reports today?

In the comments please

The IDS report can be purchased here

The Poppy Appeal – “Shoulder to shoulder with all who serve”

The Appeal launches today with  special 11-11-11-11 ceremonies in Wootton Bassett  and Trafalgar Square (silence in the Square) where, if you can’t join it, then, you can watch it live via a webcast.

It’s the British Legions 90th anniversary this year and, having raised over £36m in 2010, involving over 44m poppies, they are aiming for £40m this year. There are many ways to support the appeal including some new ones.

Social media links are:

Their hashtag is #PoppyAppeal




Where, inter alia, you can see a video of the #1 hit song by Robin Gibb & the soldiers “I gotta get a message to you”

The Royal British Legion wall (Shoulder to shoulder) where you can show your support by uploading your photo and  wearing a poppy.

Legion live – Blogs &  much more

Poppy Twibbons

We have a Twitter feed for Poppy Appeal, many of the above  links and Laurence Binyon’s poem “For The Fallen” over at our sister site

Remembrance Day (November 13), has the traditional local and national memorials throughout the UK with  the iconic Cenotaph ceremony including the haunting tones of The Last Post.

I commerce

We’ve added a new section to the site, inspiringly called, I Commerce.

Current intentions are to highlight a Seasonal Selection from time to time.  So the initial one, which will run through 30 October probably, is a Halloween offering which we rather liked.

As the next season looms & manic Monday approaches (Google it!) we will do a few selections eg Bang & Olufsen have just sent us – good news – an offer of £1,000 off a unique sound system – bad news – you have to buy a Beosound 5 Beomaster 5 and loudspeakers at the same time. All you aficionados out there will realise that this comes to a few more £’s than 1,000!

In connection with the Halloween selection we have added Viking Diect to our Promoted Links but not Bang & Olufsen!

It will likely prove difficult but further down the line we may try to cater for more of our international visitors as you are all  extremely welcome here.

In addition to the selections we are adding certain Gateways to other popular suppliers eg we’re starting off with the fairly obvious Amazon. You guys & gals can give us your inputs as to any additional specific ones you would like  & we’ll see what we can do. The idea is to have a quiet location (no flash & little else) that you can go to & shop in peace & quiet or music might be a possibility. Ideas in the comments please.

Update (1) 27 October  Tesco are contributing to the Halloween treats!

Update (2) 28 October 10am Possible bad news Viking Direct – “We’re sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Please call 0844 412 1111 for assistance.” Clarification being sought!

Update (3) 28 October 2.30pm No clarification but ahem a Heavy duty Lantern is now available (ie an orange torch)!

Update (4) 28 October 4.30pm added as Promoted Link so go buy all those Pumpkins!




The Information I Ltd operates this site & we are looking for a student to contribute to the next development phase of the smallest short .uk domain.

This could be just the portfolio addition that enhances your career prospects significantly.

The job initially involves a review of the 3 sites ( is the third) & their underlying analytics with recommendations & subsequently agreed implementations to ensure a robust base exists for future development. You will subsequently be involved in our future plans. The internship is likely only to be limited by your contribution and participation


Commencement duration & location: Immediate start, approx. 100 hours duration lasting through June 2012 with front loading over the next couple of months. Your location in the UK is not important – we are Bristol based.

Background: A knowledge and experience of working with WordPress is as important as your degree subject which need not necessarily be Computer Sciences.

Applications: By email please to TheInformationI-at-Gmail-dot-com include a CV & convince us as to how your contribution  can enhance this project.

Fees: The internship will be a paid one & expenses will be reimbursed if incurred. Exceptional performance may also be recognised!

Blogging community links

We’ve started this new link category.

My, limited, knowledge of blogging comes mainly from following some of the political blogs. As a sort of fraternity they often (but not always) exchange site links irrespective of their “colours”. So Guido Fawkes links with LabourList  and vice versa.

Apart from their philanthropic!! motives they are also looking to attract visitors. Visitors means page views & page views with advertising usually mean £’s . Not many believe me but at least some.

Portrayal methods vary from the impressive sidebar listings of Theo Spark through  categorised lists such as Conservative Home’s  “Editors choice” and Left foot forward’s  various Progressives categories, to a basic list or blogroll.

They also often reference other  Blog posts  eg Guido has a “Seen elsewhere” section,  Left foot  forward “Best of the web” and so on.

Well we’re going to kick off  on a KIS  (Keep It Simple) basis initially.  Our Blogging Community Links section is therefore open to all  on a reciprocal basis.  The only rules, apart from the legality etc etc ones (& our decision being final!)  are that the other blog should be active ie with fairly recent & regular postings.

So welcome one welcome all. We’ve even got a nice lttle sidebar display promotion if required (email us TheInformationiatgmaildotcom for the file).

there’s No Autumn this year

Well I reckon in this part of the northern hemisphere it is pretty late anyway!

Anecdotal support:

      1. The UK clocks don’t revert to GMT/UTC until the last possible day but one (ie 30 October).
      2. The National Arboretum at Westonbirt last weekend,  apart from the ever colourful maples, was still very green.  Incidentally it’s well worth a visit during half term next week as it is a beautiful & remarkably tranquil location even at this time of the year. The facilities are pretty good with the occasional brilliant touch. We particularly like the disposable wooden knives & forks provided in the cafe. There is also a kids playing area called the exploratree.
      3. My lawn is definitely still growing!

I took a treescape today to be entitled “early autumn”. The Promenade was so bereft of colour that we have reverted to old school black & white in an attempt to generate some interest.

As we have seen a large number of squirrels recently perhaps we’re just missing out autumn altogether this year!

Squirrels & hard winters never actually convinces me so visiting squirrels in the comments please!

Update I – 23 October Westonbirt are providing a series of Autumnal Highlights next week, over half term, at the arboretum between 25th & 28th October. Post code (as we can’t see it obviously on their site) by the way is GL8 8QS. Head north at junction 18  (Bath exit) from the M4.

Update II – 24 October The Weather forecast for the arboretum.

Update III - 25 October Westonbirt confirm that its been a very strange Autumn with a 2 phase colour change and explains why.

It’s “I” Time

We’ve got together the “pure” I‘s from our Twitter list (eyes right & down a bit!) and displayed them in alphbetical order according to Excel. We really do think they are probably the most attractive collection of avatars on the net!

We have ommited a couple on privacy grounds where their tweets are protected. Not quite sure if we understand this tactic or not.

Now anyone who warrants the “pure” categorisation & is omitted….. in the comments please.

So now then – all the other “pure” single character (sort of it’s our definition cos its our blog!) avatars out there from A-Z hows about you get together a similiar listing/post? A sort of generic meme, if you’re allowed one under blogosphere rules.

Oh well its Friday & it’s been a long week!